Lodge Officers

Freemasonry, with its rich traditions and structured hierarchy, assigns specific roles and duties to its Lodge Officers. Here’s a simple breakdown of the key responsibilities of the three principal officers: the Worshipful Master, the Senior Warden, and the Junior Warden. These three officers are elected by the members of the lodge and serve a one-year term. There are other officers, most of which are appointed positions, that work with these three principal officers in overseeing the work of the lodge. 

Worshipful Master Dale Jacobs


Dale’s Masonic journey began shortly after he and his family relocated to Beaverton in 2017. After taking about a year to gather his bearings in this new place, he decided to seek out a group that he could join which would enable him to become more vested in the community while engaging with others who prioritized improving themselves and their community.

Dale took the first step by asking a then acquaintance who he knew to be a Mason, “What’s it all about?” An enthusiastic phone call and follow-up meeting at the lodge led to a couple of social events with the larger body of brothers. Before you knew it, the petition was submitted, favorably balloted upon and he was initiated as an Entered Apprentice on Jan 10, 2019. He was passed to Fellowcraft in May of that year and raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason on Aug 22, 2019.

He began serving Beaverton Masonic Lodge as an officer when he was appointed the Jr. Steward for 2020. Steady movement “through the chairs” led to his election in Nov 2023 to be the Worshipful Master, leading the lodge for 2024.

He is awed by the idea that he is in a position to help others realize their personal masonic journey

Senior Warden Anderson Campbell


Anderson was initiated, passed, and raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason at Beaverton Masonic Lodge in 2019, continuing a proud family tradition of Masonic involvement that traces back generations. His grandfather was a Mason in Tennessee and a member of Scottish Rite. He followed in the footsteps of his own father and grandfather, both Masons in Georgia. Anderson joined the officer’s line in 2021 and has served as Junior Steward, Senior Steward, Junior Warden, and currently holds the office of Senior Warden. Anderson brings a deep respect for Masonic values, ritual and history to his role.

Junior Warden Robert Ahrens


Robert was raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason on June 8, 1998 in Golden Rule Lodge #479 F&AM San Jose and affiliated with Beaverton Masonic Lodge in February 2020.  I also continued a proud family tradition as my father was a Past Master of Allemania Lodge #740 in New York. 

I presided in the Oriental chair as Worshipful Master in 2004 and joined our Beaverton Lodge’s corps officers in 2023 as Chaplain and currently hold the office of Junior Warden.  I look forward to supporting the lodge and Freemasonry in any way I can and look forward to many years of friendship and fellowship.