EA Degree

Entered Apprentice Degree for Mr. Bob Madson

Visiting Sherwood and Oregon Military Lodges

This coming Saturday, February 10th several Brothers will be visiting both Sherwood Midday Sated at 0900  and Oregon Military Lodge at 1100. Both meet in the same Lodge room AT Sherwoods Masonic building in downtown Sherwood. Address: 22536 SW Washington St, Sherwood OR

Masonic Education Night

There is no specific script of the program for the evening.  It can evolve into what you as individuals or a group deem fit. Within Masonic due bounds.  We can work on floorwork or proficiency memorization. It can be discussions of our individual masonic journeys (either past or planned). Appendant bodies or other lodges that we… Continue reading Masonic Education Night

Masonic Education Night

Last Thursday's MEN event went well, as I have said earlier. This Thursday, I would like to add one component that is a little more structured. In addition to study (proficiency, ritual work, charges, etc) I would like to have a forum of sorts in which we share our masonic journeys. Blue lodge (both Beaverton… Continue reading Masonic Education Night