2012 Committee Assignments

Finance Committee:                                                               Phone Committee

1.     SW Dan Gray (Chair)                                                    1.     David Potter (Chair)

2.     WB Garry Weiner                                                          2.     WM Nick McKimmy

3.     Doug Pringle                                                                   3.     ~Vacant~

Auditing Committee:                                                             Janitorial Committee:

1.     SW Dan Gray (Chair)                                                  1.     JW Brandon VanDyke (Chair)

2.     JW Brandon VanDyke                                                 2.     ~Vacant~

3.     Dustin Miller                                                                 3.     ~Vacant~

Grievance Committee:                                                         Visitation Committee:

1.     JW Brandon VanDyke (Chair)                                   1.     WB Tom Binkerd (Chair)

2.     Wayne Ford                                                                   2.     JW Brandon VanDyke

3.     Dave Potter                                                                   3.     ~Vacant~

Examination Of Visitors:                                                    Appendant Bodies/Youth Groups:

1.     WB Tom Binkerd                                                          1.     WB Greg Jackson (Chair)

2.     WB Bill Erickson                                                          2.     WB Art Geary

3.     JW Brandon VanDyke                                                3.     ~Vacant~

Building Committee:                                                           MM Degree Captain:

1.     JW Brandon VanDkye (Chair)                                 JW Brandon VanDkye

2.     WB Tom Binkerd

3.     Wayne Ford                                                                 FC Degree Captain:

                                                                                                  WB Tom Binkerd, JD

Publicity Committee:

1.     WM Nick McKimmy (Chair)                                     EA Degree Captain:

2.     David Potter                                                                    JD David Potter

3.     ~Vacant~


1.     Carson Bailey (Chair)

2.     WB Bill Erickson

3.     SW Dan Gray

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